HPDC collects real time information from all your ICT machines and:
• it's directly connected to the In Circuit Testers
• it's always looking for new log files and parses their content into a MySQL database
• it's doing a complete loop (tested with 20 locations) in less than one minute

Data Collectors available for:
• HP3070
• IFR4220
HP3070 and IFR4220 are generating log files that contain valuable information regarding tests performed for a specific board like Test result - PASS/FAIL, test and sub tests names, test and subtest results, test types, measured values, limits, date, board serial number, etc
Using HPDC all this data are saved in a MySQL database and are available for your further analysis.
HPDC - saves in the database all the FAIL measurements, if you require to save ALL the PASS and FAIL measurements - ask us about HPDC&A NPI.
Custom parsers are also available on demand for other ICT machines or any Functional Testers.
HPDA - HP Data Analyses is a software solution developed to interpret data collected by HPDC.

Through comprehensive reports this software is capable to present a holistic image of your ICTs.

You have at your finger tips:

• Yields
• Retest rates
• Top defects
• Average cycle time
• Utilisation
• Comprehensive measurements search
Monitor your "Last Time Test Result" at FQC (Final Quality Control) to make sure that what is shipped out is PASS ICT.
Application checks the last time test result for a scanned in barcode. If last test was a FAIL or board was not tested at all, application will prompt operator with a clear message
For a DEMO - please contact us at customDB@nicks-software.com

We offer a fully functional DEMO, valid for 30 days.

DEMO contains HPDC and HPDA software.

We also help with installation and configuration, if needed.

We'll get you going quickly, via remote access.
• HPDC, HPDA offer a better visibility for your ICT machines,
• Offer extensive reports for better line supervision,
• Offer reports for a more in depth engineering analysis,
• Offer a well organized and easily accessible storage solution for all the relevant data contained in the log files,
• It simply improves boards traceability during manufacturing.

Prices starting at $999USD
Install HPDA
Collect and Analyse Data
Install & Configure HPDC
Install MySQL Server
HPDCA - ICT Data Collector and Analyser