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My name is Nick Niculita.

I'm a freelancer, Computer Science graduate, having more than 20 years' experience in electronics manufacturing, machines monitoring, custom database software development and web design.

My experience in EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services), working in Engineering and Program Management helped me understand in great depth the need of intercorrelated, well structured and properly designed customized software applications, needed to fulfil efficiently your tasks.

I have dedicated a lot of my time, developing complex software applications for various industries (from manufacturing, healthcare, support desk, banking, supply chain, telephone enquiries and online documentation) believing that good, sound software systems can make your life much easier and make your work more efficient. Work smarter not harder!

My applications have helped me fulfil my tasks accurately and on time, over and over again during the years.
Now, my systems can help you perform better in your job, get more efficient and make smarter, faster and more informed decisions.

Thanks for visiting my page.
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